Located in Mendocino, CA, Kvinsland Consulting Services offers expertise in nonprofit administration, project and event coordination, facilitation and grantwriting services.


Praise for KCS

Thank you for taking care of the many details and creating an impressive meeting. Hopefully the activity you started at the Arts Summit creates a momentum that grows through the spring and summer. - J.S

We are very pleased with the work you are doing in our schools. Thanks for your fine work! - D. I.

I really appreciate all you did to make the workshop a success. I could not have done it without you.  I hope that we can work together again sometime soon. - M.A.


Thank you for the support and flawless orchestration of the project. - R.P.


Thank you so much for providing such stellar leadership to all. The pleasure of working together has been truly mutual! Hopefully we can find some opportunity down the road to work together once again. - S.L.


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